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5 best Minecraft Java seeds to find Lapis Lazuli in May 2021

In Minecraft, seeds are a bunch of digits and letters used for world generation. Everything, including structures, biomes, ore generations, terrain formation, depends upon the world seed.

Players often use custom seeds while creating a new world to get a quick boost in their starting days. Many seeds offer tons of resources right next to the spawn location. Players can find diamonds, gold, lapis lazuli, and other rare resources in the beginning.

This article shares some of the good seeds to find lapis lazuli. It is a rare mineral found below the depth of 32. Lapis lazuli is required for enchanting items on an enchanting table. Players can also use it to craft various dyes.

Five best Minecraft seeds to find Lapis Lazuli

#5 – Spawn near a village and ravine

Image via u/AskaLangly Image via u/Eksoduss Image via u/quejimistadiamonds, gold, and lapis lazuli.

#2 – Villages, ravines, caves, and more

Image via u/Joshuamweb Image via u/Jaxipaxi

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