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A Guide to Find the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring

It can be a daunting task, setting out on a hunt of the perfect diamond engagement ring. With the availability of so many kinds of engagement rings in the market, the problem of making up your mind to find the right one can be a tad overwhelming; the big day is a once in a lifetime moment when everything needs to be perfect. To make things a little clearer, let’s look at some key tips that can guide you toward purchasing the right engagement ring, one which is suitable for you and only you.

A Guide to Find the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring

Photo, Taylor Brandon.

It’s a bond of togetherness, a commitment for life that is symbolised through a gold, silver or platinum band. Diamonds, though, are something embedded in culture as a symbol of high luxury and opulence. On such a special occasion, how can you not top that band with a sparkling symbol of eternal unity? But there’s lots to consider. Let’s look at some of the most important considerations for finding that perfect diamond engagement ring…

The Golden 4C Rule: Before you begin venturing into different diamond stores or jumping on websites in the quest to find the forever ring for your loved one, it’s important to know, and to have a fair understanding of something they call the Golden 4C Rule; behind this lays the basic foundation of any diamond. The 4Cs stand for Cut, Clarity, Carat and Colour; depending upon these four attributes the grade of the diamond can be determined. In order to find the best quality diamond for your engagement ring, it’s important for you to know how each of these attributes contribute to the grading of the diamond. Each of the elements has its own unique contribution which plays a significant role in determining the best quality of diamond.

— Cut. When we say cut, we indicate the design in which the diamond has been altered. The more prominent and sharp the cuts are on the diamond, the better it’s going to shine. Sharp edged cuts will help to bring out the famed sparkling nature of your diamond. Therefore, the better the cut, the higher the grade of the diamond will be.

— Clarity. The clarity of the diamond plays a very significant role in determining its purity. This is also a determining factor which indicates the price of the diamond, naturally. There’s a wide range of diamonds which are available on the market. Black diamond engagement rings will have a clarity which is going to be comparatively lesser than that of the transparent white diamonds, they can include hematite, granite, etc. which contributes to the eccentric black colour of the diamond. However, a transparent diamond scales higher on clarity because of the absence of these inclusions. The better the clarity of the diamond, the more transparent it’s going to be, this higher clarity impacts price, but you only live once, hey?

— Carat. The size of the diamond is determined by the carat, it’s the indicative factor for the weight of the diamond. The higher the carat per unit of diamond, the higher the price will be. The average engagement ring comprises one carat of diamond, however there are examples of Hollywood celebrities who have shared their expensive taste and adorned themselves with more than 20 carats; can you summon your inner Kim Kardashian?

— Colour. Diamonds are available in a huge spectrum of colours. The colour grade of the diamond varies between D grade, which indicates no colour, the complete transparent ones (making them the most expensive), to the Z-grade, which have a yellowish tinge to them. The saturation level of colour indicates the quality of the diamond. Coloured diamonds such as red, pink, blue, yellow, and even black, have grades which are lower than the transparent diamonds.

A Guide to Find the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring

Photo, Edgar Soto.

Types of Diamond Ring: After you have a clear idea about the golden 4Cs it is then very important to understand the shape of the diamond for your engagement ring.

A Guide to Find the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring

Photo, Jakob Owens.

— Solitaire Engagement Ring. The most elegant looking, and yet very simplistic, is a classic solitaire engagement ring; an alluring piece of diamond situated at its centre, with plain or accentuated diamonds embedded about the sides of the band to look simply spectacular. Solitaire diamond rings with a white gold or platinum band look absolutely flawless.

— Halo Engagement Ring. In a halo engagement ring setting, a central piece of diamond is placed within a small frame and is then associated with smaller beads of diamonds along its edges. This type of setting helps to bring out all the dazzling and sparkling elements of the diamond. Sometimes, to make the ring look even more bling, two halo frame settings are used, making the diamond appear larger in size.

— Three Stone Engagement Ring. Having a very distinctive set up, the three stone engagement ring gained…

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